We are EnsuredIO

We'll get your digital assets security tested and any security issues remedied to support your business and customer security requirements and expectations. For new projects, our security experts will validate your systems and infrastructure to ensure that your systems and services are protected before release.


Who we are.

We are a group of seasoned IT security experts with the single goal of ensuring that your web presence is secure and performs well, and that it continues to be a quality and secure experience for your customers.
Our founders and key leaders:


VP Engineering & Operations


VP of Performance


Director of Analytics & Quality


Director of Information Security


Senior Performance Engineer


Chief Financial Officer


Director of Enterprise Operations


Director of Penetration Testing



Senior Quality Assurance Engineer


Information Security Intern


Our team will run initial security tests (scans, Red Team, penetration, etc.) to determine exactly where you may be having security issues or where you may end up having security issues. Our goal is to make sure you can reliably meet and exceed your business and customer security requirements now and into the future.


We use a variety of the latest security technologies to determine exactly how your digital assets perform. From the latest scanning tools, penetration test tools, network tools, sniffers, network intrusion devices, including our proprietary tools we will choose the right sets of tools dictated by the technologies you are using and based on the results from our assessment.


Based on our security scan test results we develop a security remediation strategy (including you and your team) so that you know exactly what the security issues are, what the objectives are, and what you can expect after remediation towards solidifying and fortifying your digital assets


As part of our commitment to keep your site and networks secure well after our initial remediation, we provide periodic security reviews on a routine basis to review your site’s security and suggest resolution, and to ensure that your assets continue to function securely.

How we work.

1 We begin by assessing any current security issues to pinpoint the cause. If your goal is to improve overall security or meet specific security requirements then we'll execute a full security assessment. Our initial focus is to detail exactly how well your site is performing and what can be done to improve security, availability, performance, and quality.

2 After determining security quality baselines and finding any issues, we’ll review those issues to determine the cause. Whether it’s a misconfigured server, an incorrectly configured network device, or non-optimized security settings on your load balancer, we’ll determine exactly what needs to be done to shore up your security

3 Based on the security review, analysis, and issues found, we’ll determine the best method for remediation - we can remediate or help your team resolve. We then systematically begin the remediation of issues and iterate through additional security tests to ultimately bring your digital assets to complete security, high-performance, and quality.