Accessibility PDF Remediation

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PDFs – Portable Document Format, created by Adobe Systems, is considered the standard for document publishing. As such, it’s imperative to ensure that your PDFs can be properly received and communicated to people with disabilities.

PDFs are typically formatted in a proprietary way that can be a challenge to be accessible to everyone. A user may not be able to read a PDF with their screen reader, or a form may not be able to be entered on keyboard. As such, EnsuredIO will review any PDF documents you have and apply our accessibility guidelines to ensure they can be accessed and utilized by everyone.

There are some tools available from Adobe that help with accessibility, but such tools often do not suffice for meeting the needs of your audience. For instance, PDFs that don’t have alt-text or are missing titles may not be able to be handled correctly by automated tools.

Our experts will employ cutting-edge accessibility solutions into your PDFs to ensure that they will be fully compliant with accessibility requirements and that they function correctly for your users.