Ongoing Accessibility Monitoring & Compliance

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Your web presence and digital properties must remain compliant in order to ensure support of people with disabilities and that you continue to comply with the legal requirements. Even though you may have made your website and mobile applications accessibility compliant, it’s not unusual to find that a new development release, theme update, or other changes to your website result in loss of that website compliance.

EnsuredIO offers a service to ensure that your digital assets remain accessibility compliant. Our tools will automatically review your website and alert if any changes have occurred that break support for accessibility. As part of this service we immediately contact you should there be any loss of compliance. With this service you’ll know as soon as you do a release if there are any accessibility alerts and what can be done to remedy any new issues.

Our accessibility monitoring and compliance service is a nominally priced option giving you piece of mind knowing that your website is accessibility compliant and remains compliant.