Incident Response

Resolve security incidents quickly, efficiently, and at scale with EnsuredIO’s Incident Response service. Your business is our top priority. Security attacks can at best be a distraction or at worst can destroy your business and reputation. EnsuredIO has dedicated incident response experts in multiple countries to help you quickly investigate and remediate attacks, so you can get back to what matters most — your business. The EnsuredIO team helps protect with two decades of experience responding to thousands of incidents and conduction intrusion investigations. We have worked with many of the largest corporations in America as well as with the FBI, NSA, and CIA in resolving security issues. Our team combine their industry-leading threat intelligence expertise and network and endpoint technologies to help you with a wide-range of security activities — from technical response to crisis management and from application security to forensics. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 endpoints, our team can be up and running in a matter of hours, analyzing your networks for malicious activity and providing solutions to remediate. Learn More...

Ongoing Incident Response Mitigation

Reduce your incident response time and minimize breach impact. EnsuredIO gives you the ability to quickly identify malicious activity and get meaningful intelligence on attacks so you can respond to cyber attacks faster and more effectively. What are Your Business and Security Requirements? Retainer agreements can be packaged in different ways to match your needs. Consider these factors:
Budget: Confirm the number of prepaid hours and the hourly rate for additional hours.
Unused Hours: Ask what happens if you don’t use your prepaid hours during the contract term.
Response Time: Get service level agreement (SLA) details for remote and onsite consulting.
Terms: Confirm the length of retainer—most are 12 months—and payment terms, such as whether you need to pay up-front or what percentage needs to be paid up front.
Location of Personnel: Where are the team located? Are they in the same time zone as you and your staff?
Cyber Insurance: Consider how your cyber insurance policy reimburses for incident response (IR) expenses and ask your insurer about lower premiums after you show a proactive approach to cyber security. Learn More...

Compromise Assessment

An EnsuredIO Compromise Assessment combines our extensive experience responding to intrusions carried out by advanced threat actors. Using our industry-leading threat intelligence technologies we identify your ongoing or past intrusions, assess risk by identifying weaknesses in your security infrastructure, vulnerabilities, improper usage or policy violations and system security misconfigurations, and increase your ability to respond effectively to future security incidents. Learn More...

Custom Tailored Solutions

We will review your existing infrastructure and digital assets and based on your requirements work with you to build a strong security solution.

We Are Security Specialists

We are seasoned experts in the security industry having worked with leading technology companies and government organizations.


On Demand, On Time

Our security team will quickly remediate your security issues. Even if you’ve been compromised during non-business hours we’ll support you.

We Know Technology

A security solution is only as good as the sum of its parts. Our expertise across multiple technical disciplines allows us to bring you a complete homogenous solution.

Request a personalized demo, and one of our experts will answer all of your security questions.