Obamacare Website Problems Continue Despite New Vendor

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Throughout the weekend and even again today the Obamacare website problems continue and the site is still offline much of the time. Katherine Sebelius was touting the new “Hub” as one part of the Obamacare website that was working only to have it go down the next day. In looking at the site today (Monday, October 28 @9:30 Pacific) here’s what we’re currently seeing:

It looks like the government has chosen contractors who don’t have much credibility in being able to fix the issues. The part that we find most strange is that it appears that these “fixes” are not going for deployment to a test site and are again not going through a software quality assurance process to ensure that things are really working  before being deployed to production.

Originally my thoughts were that the site’s issues had the potential to be resolved without having to do a complete ground-up rewrite of things, but with the inept new triage updates things aren’t looking progressive.

Our suggestion is to follow much of what we suggested in our first article. Trying to make piecemeal untested solutions will just further compound the problems.

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