Complete security review & security mitigation of Initiated a full security review of all servers and assisted with optimizing their configuration of optimum performance. Infrastructure was subjected to DDoS attack and other security penetration attempt and full penetration test was performed for client. Security mitigation steps were undertaken and issues were resolved to fortify client’s servers, infrastructure, and configuration to reduce security issues.

Review network infrastructure and server configuration and environment to fortify security

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Our Process
• Full Security Review
• Mitigation of any security issues
• Review all server configuration
• Optimize web and database server performance
• Penetration Testing

Our Skills
• Security Review
• Penetration Testing
• Security Mitigation
• Network Security Assessment
• Complete Security Review Metrics & Documentation

About the Author

Joseph Gutwirth

I’m the VP of Engineering & Operations at I love helping businesses secure their technologies to protect their business.
I view good security as a homogeneous solution and not only a technical or human issue focusing on only one discipline.

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