Will Your Technologies Support Your New Website Launch or A New Marketing Campaign?

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If you’re launching a new website or launching a new marketing campaign are you sure that your servers, load balancers, and web technologies will be able to stay up and operational during surges in traffic or even when you launch? If you’re not sure then there are tangible actions you can take to ensure that you’ll be able to support your traffic and your customers.

By doing performance testing of your website – pushing automated load through the primary functionality of your site, you’ll know how well your site is going to behave during peaks in traffic, and most importantly you’ll know how your site is going to function before your customers experience problems. If you have business requirements that define your required traffic then you can use those numbers as a measuring point.

Still in development stages of your website? Then this is the perfect time to do performance tests on your API to ensure that core components are performing properly. If you plan on changing your infrastructure, we can help assist to determine your performance rating indicator (PRI) to determine how much traffic you will actually be able to support. An EnsuredIO PRI assessment will let you know what the concurrency rating is for how many simultaneous users of your site – exercising the major functionality. This will help you know ahead of time what type of traffic levels your site and infrastructure can support. Being forewarned by knowing your PRI is being forearmed and can alleviate the need for a major restructuring of your software during critical marketing and launch times.

Adopting a Shift-Left Performance Test strategy can also greatly help by exercising your site’s performance during early stages of development rather than waiting until your site and infrastructure are completed finished. Many organizations take the mindset that they’ll need to have everything completed and have their infrastructure architected, up, and fully operational before they can begin performance testing, but this is not correct. Exercising functionality, APIs, and existing functionality early in the development process can help eradicate those issues when they are less costly to remedy rather than post development or at the end of development prior to launch. You can learn more about Shift-Left Performance Testing from our article – Shift-Left Performance Testing – Why You Need It Now.

Whether you adopt early performance testing or need to qualify how well your site is going to perform prior to launch or prior to a marketing campaign, EnsuredIO can help you assess your site’s readiness. Feel from to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with your performance test needs.

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