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Android development has traditionally been implemented in Java; however today updated Ruby language can be the best tool for mobile app development.  Ruboto framework and SDK for native Android development with Ruby is ideal for classic Ruby developers. If you want to use Ruby the way you would use the Android Java, Ruboto is an excellent solution that can approximate the Java API app development approach.

For enterprise and informational app development, RhoMobile may be the solution you’re looking for. Rhodes employs a compiled subset of Ruby optimized for security, code size and speed. RhoMobile is very much like Ruby and can be used with multiple operating systems. Expect compatibility with Android, iPhone, Symbian, Black Berry and Windows Mobile. With the only Model View Controller framework supporting native smartphone application development and the sole Object Relational Manager, it is a solution many are seeking.

Application developers who are familiar with Ruby may wish to try Altoros Systems’ Ruby for Mobile Application Development. It can be very handy when it comes to converting existing applications for mobile use. Development and SDK frameworks are available for smartphone and Web. RubyMotion is an SDK with pioneering abilities that allows you to rapidly develop and test iOS and OS X applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac. This software tool set is based on the mature MacRuby developed at Apple 5 years ago.

With all these fresh Ruby web development solutions and the respected open source history Ruby is known for, it makes sense for mobile app developers familiar with Ruby to check out the above solutions before marching down other well-known paths such as Java API.

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