Is the NSA Spying On You? They Might Be…

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With all the news lately about the NSA using everything from Angry Birds, to your Xbox, to your Yahoo! accounts you may be concerned that the NSA or someone else is spying on you and your data. Unfortunately, unless you are using the right security tools to monitor what’s happening on your computer or phone then you may never know. Also, any data you store in the Cloud or interact with in the Cloud can also be used to spy on you.

The best way to protect yourself from prying eyes is to use inbound and outbound monitoring software on your computer to see who or what is connecting to your computer and to see what your computer is sending back out to the Internet. On the Mac we like to use Little Snitch, and on our Windows PCs we use Zone Alarm or NetLimiter. As far as personal or private data you have in the Cloud there isn’t really much you can do about that because the Cloud provider or service provider where your data is hosted can provide access to organization with the right credentials who want your data. On your game console or phone things become much more complicated as you’ll have to use some very specialized software and tools to monitor. We’ll cover more tools for phones and game consoles in another article.

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